Friday, March 18, 2011

What else next...

Haven't posted in a while cos schedules has been dead hectic.. phew..
Anyways, was running through my flu today, and trying to fig out what next to do.

2004/5: Make-It-Real (mountaineering)
2006: Graduate from Med School
2007: Spelunking, Diving, Kinabalu Climbathon
2008: WWRafting, Marathons
2009: Skydiving, Ironmans
2010: Multistage AR, Single day AR's
2011: Planning AR's all the way... Single day's, Multi-stages, Multi-days
2012: hmm.... MTB races :) ... and prob try to settle down more

I'll also start to volunteer more too... it was fun, but super tiring, and worse than racing itself. But I think it has its merits :)

Move on!!!