Sunday, July 13, 2008

My first Tri!!

Yayy!!!! I am soooo happy!!! Managed to complete my first triathlon.. in about 3hrs or so.. just awaiting for the official timing from the organisers now.. but really.. it was great... no regrets about training for it now..

The event started with the 1.5 km swim... which was HARD!!!.. the winds were strong and the waves were pushing everyone rightwards. It was 2x lap around the swim course, making it 1.5km... but it felt like I swam 2km with the strong tide. Managed to get sightings part right and didn't veer too far off course.. and of course came out alive at the same time too.

The fun part was the cycling. It was on the super flat ECP tracks, and was 10km long. As the OD (olympic distance) was 40km, we did 4 loops around the bike track. Was really speeding on my bike.. and especially into the corners. It was real fun just cutting slower participants and feeling the wind hit my face... ooo.. loved it.

Finally, after the bike.. the run... now this was gruelling. NOT easy to run after biking for about an hour. Had the common "jelly legs" syndrome, but managed to maintain composure to pull through. Only managed to "run" as per normal after 20minutes or so... but then, it was a short 10km run... and finished it in about an hr.. arhh... the feeling of going over the finishing line was superb... can still feel it now. The guy at the end gave me my medal .... and I was esctatic!!! I ran over to the medic tent, and got all the Congrats from all my frens there.. Ex-boss was also super impressed !!! ..yayy!! no queue for the massage too, as Edmund massaged me right after he finished the one he was massaging.. hehehe... :)

Well, one down, 2 more to go.... no looking back now... gonna just trudge on.. till I finish them all.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Got my new baby!!

yayy!! the pics are up already..Got it last Saturday and have been playing with it since..
Not using the this bike for the race this weekend though, need some time getting used to. It's not as easy to use as it seems.. .hmm...

So here's the link...


Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Gmail revolution...

OK, OK.. I'm one big fan of GMail. Had it ever since it was released, it was and still is my preferred webmail of choice. It's brainless to use and easily accessible from anywhere that has an internet connection. Plus, with the ever expanding storage space (dunno how in the world they do that), gmail seems to be the only email I'll probably ever need.

Was going through some emails (yes, my job now requires me to check my emails almost every hr or so) when I clicked on the link - oldest. It brought me all the way back 5,000 emails (hey, with unlimited storage, no reason to throw anything away, right), and voila, I'm back in time to when I was in M4 (fourth year med stu). Wow...din know I had gmail back then already. Those were the time when I was in the NUS mountaineering group aka Make-It-Real. Gmail was flooded with sponsor emailing, training emails.. pics and photos of mountains, all the way up to the trip planning itself. Then came the M5 final MBBS exams email lists... where we shared the tears and laughters of the exam cases. It was quite scaree back then, when you'd read each and every detail of the candidates kan-cheongness and despair during the exams. Letters of encouragement brought back the togetherness my classmates and I had weeks before the finals, all reading till the early lights of dawn outside medical library. Back then, I used to read till 3-4am in the morning, and even stayed over a few times, so much so that the security guards got used to us.

Then it was the pre HO emails, where all the orientation emails came uo. Can't imagine still, between exams and real HO work, we only had 3-4 wks of rest.... that after 5 yrs of torture. Ahh..those were really the days...

Then it was... oops....enough daydreaming already..back to work.. hehe... well, at least I'll have sth to do tonight other than training.. time to look at old photos too..


well trudge on ppl.. life is suppose to be good after all.. :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A new responsibility in life..

Yay!!! I am sooo elated.. Done moving already, now just finishing up with the unpacking bit.. but no, that's not the real reason behind this post. I'm getting a new baby!!! I'm so happy. Visited the clinic today, and everything is going great. Next appt is on Monday.. so excited now.

Been dreaming of this baby for ages, and now that it's coming true, I can't wait to see her. Yes, its a HER!!! I'll put up pics as soon as I can, after next week.


I hope all of you guys out there are happy for me too!!! I'm really excited

Trudge on , mateys..