Friday, December 25, 2009

MERRY XMAS 2009!!!

I love Xmas,
I don't know why,
Sad carols makes me cry,
Happy smiles fills me with joy,
And the spirit of giving and receiving,
brightens me up,
Maybe that's the reason why,
That no matter what a person may be,
or who, he or she is,
We all share the same little person inside,
And we all wish everyone we see....



The end....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Things I did this year..

Before the old year ends, and the new one begins anew.. here's the finalised list for 2009.. haha

1. Finished 2 Ironmans (DNF-ed one though) .. My first ever was in IM Langkawi, and the second was IM Western Australia...

2. Skydived - tandem and solo (with multiple injuries during the solos)
Wanna go back again in 2010 if I can find the time and resources.

3. Visited 2 new continents (North America and Down Under Australia)

DisneyLand in Florida, USA

Bell Tower in Perth

4. Did my first Duathlon - RAW duathlon.. yes, I did a tri before a duo.. so it's a new experience to me

5. White water Raft-ed in Singor (grade 5 river) and Whitewater Kayak-ed in Tanjong Malim

6. Did 2 trail runs - TNF 100 duo and GTB back to back
After finishing TNF100... tiredzz

At the end of Genting Trailblazer

7. Went up to Genting THRICE... but only gambled once

First time was for the wind tunnel with unker for about 45 minutes, altogether, then went back. Had nice Nasi Lemak though..

Second time was with the gurls in KL... the only time I gambled.. So far in my life, only gambled twice in Genting Highlands

Posing in front of the Ferrari...

And the third time was during the trailblazer iwth BK... cold...

8. Gg back to school and paying for it myself... Currently doing a Grad Cert in Medical Informatics.. plan to extend to Masters later on

9. Started doing crazy things before, during and after races - the "crawl" and the "teh tarik" finishing at KL marathon

BK doing the Gollum... on a hill

BK doing the VISA dance at km ... 35 la... abuden..

10. Gg to Kuching a few times to visit couz and wifey.. and eating all the food there.. haha.. really a food capital of Malaysia

I had an amazing year and well.. an amazing time. There were many accomplishments, as there were failures. This was a year I really tested my limits on many occasions, and have learnt a lot from. The best accomplishment was making lotsa new and amazing friends, and some even more than just friends. Life is just amazing, ain't it? There are times of laughter and joy, sadness and anger, nervousness and uncertainties, and yet, when I look back, I dun regret going through it all. The greatest adventure is life and being alive, and the greatest of them all has yet to come.

A Merry Xmas and a Great and Amazing New Year to all out there, to those I know, and to those I have yet to know better :). May God blessed you all with the amazing ups and downs of life, as He has blessed me with his grace.

Trudge on, dun give up in watever u do as getting up again is actually 2/3's of the fun :)..

I Love my live, don't u? I'd like to hear more from whomever out there what they plan to do next year :).. and pray that you all accomplish it.. hehe..

PS. will upload the OZ entries later when I got time.