Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Birthday Month...

Okies.. the interesting/funny/weird things I've done/happened to me this month:

1. Went to Jason Mraz's concert
2. Signed up for Ironman China
3. Completed Aviva Half-IM Singapore
4. Kissed Crowie!!! ... cuuuuute!!!
5. Made A Chinese Visa for the first time... still haven't done the US one...
6. Made egg tarts for the first time.. hehehe.. turned out ok.. but need to learn how to make a proper dough
7. Booked 5 plane tickets in one day from 3 different airlines... and still haven't signed up for Krisflyer.. lazee....
8. Tried on a wetsuit... for the triathlon... hot hot hot... (me and me in the wetsuit ;)
9. Bumped into Abey (which I've not seen for a loooooong time) on the bus to KL.. wow!!
10. Celeb Bdae in KL this yr... thanks gurls for all the makan and prezzies...

alritey... on to the next!!! ;) ;)

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Saturday, March 21, 2009


'Nuff said!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Things I do when I'm free...

Very rarely I get to just stay in Singapore... So here are a few things that I do when I'm in...

1. Take funny pics of things arn me.

2. Iron my clothes
3. Read/Arrange books on my shelves (Not advisable to be seen in public)

4. Make food

5. Eat food (no need picture la)

6. Sleep
7. Watch anime (Naruto currently...)
8. Blog

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mr Curiosity...

Went for a Jason Mraz concert last night, and it was great (thanks for everything, SM).. but one song that really touched my heart was Mr Curiosity (well other than the fact that he was an EXCELLANT singer)... Everytime I hear that song, tears starts to well in my eyes. The music is hauntingly beautiful, the lyrics reminds me so much of what I feel most of the time.. and that love is a mystery..

"I'm looking for love this time...
sounding hopeful
but it's still making me cry...
Trying not to ask why..,
cause love is a mystery....

Mr curiosity, be Mr Please... do come and find me..
love is blinding when the timing never's right
who am I to beg for difference...
finding love in just an instant
but i don't mind..
at least i've tried...
I've tried..."


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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It's March, my fave mth of the year!! My birthday month... (and really, I have no idea why I love it sooo much)

Interesting fact about my birthday:

27 (date) x 3 (month) = 81 (year)

I knoe... Lala needs a life after all...


Trudge on..

Ironman Langkawi!!! DONE - 28/02/2009 ....Part 2

Alright, time to start.. we all headed to the floating platform at the jetty, crossing the timing line and shower area at the same time.. some of the athlete's did a quick warmup in the sea, but I decided to try to stay as warm as I can after getting wet in the shower. As usual, I'm unable to keep my body warm, and was already shivering at this point. OK, tahan.. tahan.. The Pro's went off first, as usual, and they were fast... ok.. abit more... time getting closer and closer.

Apparently, for IM Langkawi, you can either have a swim start or a dive start.. hehe.. I chose the later, which means I start a bit further from the start line. OK.. countdown.. 2 more minutes, as the official said while looking at his watch. Still shivering, I looked around... Ben was with me :) at the platform... ok... START!!!! Go Go GOO!!!!

I jumped into the sea slowly... (really, .. i was moving in slow motion) and started front crawling... saw the yellow buoy at my right and continued on while being pushed, knocked, elbowed, kicked.. u name, i kena-ed it... all the way.. Somehow, I kept swimming in zig-zags all the way while trying to avoid being kicked in my already sprained right ankle. After a while, the swimmers started to disperse out, and finally I can actually swim per normal. Seawater kept me afloat easier, so din need to kick at most part of the swim, which was good, cos can save my legs for later :)

After what seemed like ages, finally reached the last buoy and made the turn. buoy on the right now.. another loooooooong swim (better this time) and finally can here the emcee's shouting .. yayy!!! approaching liao.. chk time.. still within the cutoff.. buildings getting bigger and bigger until finally, can see the platform and the steps in front of me.. YES!!! SWIM END!!!

Slowly walked towards the transition area and stopped to have a 5minute shower. It felt great to be outta the water. took off my swim cap, rinsed my mouth and goggles.. fresh water never tasted soooo good. Grabbed my bag and went into the change tent. There were many volunteers there who were helping out the athletes. I took my time, chatted with them, while drying myself with the towels provided and applying as much sunblock as I can. I also had my slice of fruit cake, and some water, before putting on my bike helmet and race belt and head out towards my bike. Met up with Ben who was heading to his bike too.. and we exchanged supportive remarks. OK, time to start cycling...

For those who din know that I sprained my ankle, I did.. about 3 weeks ago.. which means, I cannot use bike shoes and pedals cos I can't twist my ankle, so I cycled in my running LunaRacers.. haha... for the whole 180km!! This can be some sort of a Nike Ad already... Buuuut... Bad move actually.. and will explain in a few more secs. I wasn't so accustomed to riding uphill on my bike, so I pushed up the 3 big hills along the course. The first loop went ok, second not too bad.. but started to feel uncomfortable... third loop... damn, bilateral thigh cramps every single time I step off my bike... hmm.. let's just say that for the 4th loop.. I iced my thighs and had them sprayed with ethyl ethanol at EACH aid station about 10km apart.. the cramps was soooo bad that I fell each time I got off my bike... but no.. must go on.. luckily it drizzled a bit towards the end, that the weather was cooler. Draft wind almost blew me off too... haha.. managed to stay on course. Finally, at the last loop, cycled back to the jetty and T2. BIKE END!!

Took T2 slowly as I removed my helmet and had a coke.. hehe.. met the other trifamers and greeted them.. ok.. slowly run first.. managed to run most of the first 20km, but after that thighs were soooo painful that I could only walkrun. Another TBB guy there motivated me to go on.. and on .. and on.. and I was so glad I had him there. Run was ok, except that I had blisters, and had to stop a few times at the aid station to tape my toes.. but nevertheless... must go on.. after all, it's just a bit more :)

Finally, after 5 loops around the run course... time to head to the podium at the jetty. The walk there was so relieving, as I finally AM going to finish the race. It took me 7 mths to get here and I almost teared when I thought of crossing the line... The place was still bright, brimming with supporters as I walked to the finishing line.. somehow, manage to muster enough energy to run the last 10 m and crossed the finishing line...

YES!!! I did it!!! I was elated beyond words... in my mind, no achievement so far could ever come close to this... this was pure torture, excitement, challenge, trust in God and everything else put together to attain. I was so proud of this moment.. even more proud of than getting my medical degree at NUS (which was actually quite easy to get, if u have a good memory la).. YES!!! NOW I AM AN IRONMAN!!!

Da Eagle Medal!!

Was ushered aside, and given my medal and a towel to wrap around my body. Went for the weigh in... hmm.. lost about 1.5kg in the race.. nvm..will get it back later.. chatted with the other finishers, had a massage.. some soup... I was speechless...

Got my bike and bags, and headed back to the hotel, where I had a short nap. Woke up at 5am, hungry and tired, but looking at the medal made me smile again. Packed my bike.. my bags, and went down for brekkie. Collected my finishers tee later in the morning, and finally chked out of the hotel and to the airport.. time to head back.. and rest... was sleeping all the way cos I was just soo tired..
Day after the race..

:) The race is over, and currently am still recovering. It was amazing to finish the race -a gruelling 15hrs 32 mins of non stop action and being on my feet (except for the swimming part).

Well, there were some things I learnt from the race to bring to the next one...
1. train properly - 3 hrs of bike training on a flat road does not equate to 6++ hrs on hilly and flat roads
2. nutrition damn damn damn impt
3. wear bike shoes for bking, not LunaRacers..hehe
4. dun sprain ur ankle before a race - kills the run

And most imptly... mental strength is the most impt factor in finishing the race (as well as a firm believe in God). No matter how strong u are physically, it's the last mental push that you'll need to keep you going, even as things gets worse..

So to all out there, try your best, never give up, the pain is really for a while, but the glory lasts forever... Alw push yourself beyond the limits.. and you'll get there..

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

IRONMAN Langkawi!! - DONE!!!! - 28/02/2009

Finally... the ultimate bragging rights (for now)... I finished the Ironman Langkawi!! Took me 7 mths to get here from zero triathlon knowledge but it is all worth it. I am currently sooo in love with triathlons as well (other things I'm in love with - skydiving, rafting, kayaking, wakeboarding, rock climbing, reading, myself, someones, my work, my family... the list goes on and on) .. particularly long distance triathlons.. :) after the Ironman, that I am thinking of doing more..
All prepped to go..

3 days to raceday: Off to Langkawi in the SilkAir business class (yes, another first for me.... first time in business class... nice)... and my bike.. phew.. packing the bike for the first time was complicated, but now its like a piece of cake.. and very little luggage. Was just thinking of getting my stuff at the race expo if needed la. Chked into my hotel room... Langkasuka Hotel at RM80 a night. hehe...silly me, at first i thought there was no hot water, so I was showering with cold water for the first two days, until the maintenance guy came and showed me the BIG button to PRESS.. hahah... ok.. had hot water after that.. on with the story.. First time in Business.. just gotta take the shot..
Ceramic plates!! ..

Langkawi airport.. small, reminds me of Mulu and Tioman's

The room was small, 2 single beds and simple.. put my luggage in and went for a walk around the Kuah town towards SeaView, the official hotel. Took me about 2 hours to get there, but the walk was a gave a good leg stretch. The town reminded me a lot of Pangkor, somehow or rather, but without the Ham Yu.. simple, a bit run down, the Malaysian style. Passed through a pasar malam too.. and had Apom Balik... my most favourite food in the pasar malam!!! (other than all the ramly burgers and ayam perciks and keropoks la) havent had one since last yr... chomp chomp chomp....

Ok.. reached SeaView.. damn..registration closed for the day.. oh well.. can come the next day and get tagged.. the PowerBar company and Ironman merchandise ppl were there too.. but they were closing shop too. Cabbed back to Langkasuka and fixed up my bike. After that spent the night resting and chompin on duty free chocs and 2 cans of beer (RM 2.40 each).. mmm.. that's how life should be..

2 days to raceday: woke up, had brekkie and cabbed to SeaView for the registration itself. Reached there, and there were many other Ironman-er's arn. Had to go through a simple BP, HR, weight chk first before registering and recieving the goodies... damn..gained weight.. too much fluids in me now... haha... went down, bought some tees and PowerBar stuff. Family arrived about an hour later and chked in too. After that we had lunch together and went shopping.. haha.. more chocs for me.. yay!! happy.. I was chomping down on more chocs.. until too full.. cannot eat dinner liao, so they went off for dinner without me.. Rested well again that night... but getting nervous la.. real nervous..
Goodie bag!!

1 day before the race: Had breakfast with family, and off we went on a recce drive of the bike route. Got lost a few times before getting on track... and it was loooooong. Uh oh.... how in the world am I gonna survive this... eeks.. the hills looked like they were killers.. oh no.... oh well.. no turning back now at this point.. just need to move on...Went back to Langkasuka to hear the race briefing.. and after that, family went back.. ok.. now all on my own. Went to chk in my bike and the bags in the evening and just rested the whole night... after all, need to wake up early if i get any sleep in the first place.. phew.. getting cold sweat already..

Race Day: Rrrrringggg... my phone alarm went off.. the moment of truth is here. Time to wake up and eat brekkie... 3am.. still early, but din haf a good sleep anyways.. was too nervous. time to kill.. and yes... got ppl online to chat with... was so happy that there were ppl there for me... even if it was just an online chat.. :) really helped me alot.. ok.. need to be calmer.. dress up in my trisuit.. championchip tag on, goggles and cap in the pocket, chk.. ready to go.. the cabbie picked me at 5am and brought me to the jetty starting point.. phew.. went for another weigh in and chked my bike.. still there.. pumped the tyres, got some stuff from the bike bag and placed at my bike.. ok, bike ready..

Luckily, had a few guys from TBB in KL there to talk to me and encourage me... he gave me a simple run down of what to do and where to do it as he did last yr's Ironman...relax relax.. ok ..saw some trifam-ers there as well.. and they were very supportive :)... took some pics with some of them before the race.. Met up with Ben too, from CSMC.. its his third year (wow!!) and he helped to calm my nerves down too..

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Monday, March 2, 2009

The next Twelve Months of Jonie

Like last years.. just to keep tab on what I'm doing

January: Banana Relay Run, Wakeboarding, White water kayaking, CNY 2009
February: Skydiving, Rafting at Singoh, Ironman Langkawi!!!

March: Jason Mraz 2009 Concert in SG Indoor Stadium :)

TBC on 1/1/2010