Thursday, September 4, 2008

Preparing for the 1/2 Ironman - REPC...

The time has finally come, the AVIVA half Ironman is this coming Sunday itself... boy am I nervous. It's my second triathlon and also the second one in my series to complete the 3 tri's. Time has really flown by with days of endless training...and food :). Been tapering the past 2 weeks to relaxy and prep the body for the race, but caught a darn flu a few days ago and still reeling away from it slowly...

Went to the Race Entry Pack Collection yesterday, after the Training session in CGH. It's been aptly renamed to Race Expo.. to make it sound nicer.. or cheesier.. whichever you preferred. Held at Millenia Walk, it's really a much better place than the REPC for the Osim tri at Roxy Hotel (far far away). Firstly, hopped over to get my race pack... and I got Bib no ..... 0062 (can go buy 4D liao). The pack was huge...but have very little things inside, just a small microfibre towel, some vouchers, the usual bibs and stickers for the bikes and a PINK swimming cap. Trying to imagine myself now in my blue tri-suit and pink cap and ?green running shoes,..hahah.. Tim Gunn will so disapprove of me.

Here's the funny thing... they wanted to strap me with the unremovable racing entry bracelet yesterday before I can collect my timing chip.. I declined cos of eczema problems... but I otherwise, I can't collect my chip till Saturday, when they will finally strap me with it when I check in my bike... hmm... din knoe they had such a rule.

Well, anyways.. after that, my colleague and I headed down to chk out the other booths.. and I succumbed to an ugly green pair of Newton racers (which I tried later on and swore never to wear any other shoes for running again) Put me back another SGD 239, but was well worth it.

Then, off to the AVIVA booth..where I got a shoe bag, a water bottle and another towel. Here's where I got really silly. There was this simple health chk up booth next to the AVIVA booth. They were using the fingerprick device to chk cholesterol levels... and were using the "tak" finger pricker... I really hate those stuff (prefer needles).. When the guy was about to prick me.... I kept pulling my hand away.. cos I was superbly terrified.... hahah... so scared that when he did manage to prick me.. my fingers turned cold.. and almost no blood came out... arrrr.... hahahah in the end, had to prick me twice.. eeeeekkk... I was sooooooo scared..... err... but unfortunately, the results were so super skewed (in the words of my colleague while cross chking with the normal values, " I should start you with IV - intravenous - simvastatin now.. either that or you're dead .. hahahaha) okies.. all that for nothing but a hilariously good time :)

had fun at the REPC yesterday, albeit in a torturous way... well..time's up for now..gotta get back to work..

ciao.... will come up with race report.. after the race.. if I survive :)

trudge on... and live happy!!!

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