Saturday, July 24, 2010


Alrightey.. my first hospital admission!!
Diagnosis : Severe Bilateral Community Acquired Pneumonia.

Suffered for about a week, but thanks to very supportive friends (esp ST, Pris) and family, and the great bunch of doctors and nurses in SGH... I'm well again!!

Buuuut, I learnt a few things along the way that I hope if I go back to clinicals I'll remem to or not to do:
1) Never order a drip with KCl supplements - it hurts like hell, and i couldn't even sleep a wink
2) Always listen to the patients needs... even if it was a simple cup of water
3) Nasal prongs dries up the nose.. till can get cracks and nosebleeds.. good to moisturise the nasal passage once in awhile.
4) Just generally be nicer to patients... it sucks being sick..


Well, trudge on!!

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