Monday, June 1, 2009

Florida - Day Two to Return

Day TWO - Actual Work day

Today was tutorial day at the World Swan Hotel at Disney Downtown. Grabbed a cab and headed there at 8am. Found the room, had brekkie.. and chatted with some other students there as well. I was a bit nervous at first, cos all of them were really experienced physicians, researchers, business consultants who had years behind them, but when we started talking, I realised that we all faced the same problems. It was a good sharing session, presented my project to the table on “Single Sign-Ons” and the whole session ended with Prof Hersch giving a lecture on the updates of medical informatics in America.

Was a bit worried at one point when I didnt get my cert, but after clearing with the Prof, he decided to give it to me since I came from far far away land.. hehe.. think there was a glitch in the system that my project din get submitted... but anyways, will email it to him later when I land.

After the tutorial, still had some more daylight, so decided to do some shopping. Cabbed to Premium Outlet Store.. and went walking and walking and walking.. Funnily, I couldn't find anything to buy with all the big brands like Burberry, Coach, BCBG, Guess, even Levis' , except a pair of trail running shoes.. which was cheaper here. After making like the 5th round (literally.. rounds) to make my cab money's worth.. I deduced that I'm not a shopper.. so ok.. time to go back. :) and chill.. love my shoes tho.. hehe

Day THREE - Disney World

Today, I go Disney – The Magic Kingdom park to be exact. This is the main park in Disney World, its the one with the Cinderella Castle (which was designed after Neuschwenstein in Europe by the mad King Ludwig II). I was at first IM-ing to everyone that it was gonna be boring, that gg there would be really siannerz all alone, but somehow... things alw end up differently from how you'd expect it to be.

I took the 11 am shuttle, since I can't wake up at 7.35 am, to Epcot. The plan was to go to the Magic Kingdom by monorail from there. Was sitting all alone, when 3 lovely ladies sat next to me. We started talking, and in flash, Susan asked me to join them for the day.. :) :)... I was all smiles.. So, I tagged along Susan, Casey and Pam in their magical trip to Disney, and they made my day awesome as well. :)

Disney is Disney, and at Disney, no matter how old you are, you're still a kid (unless you happen to have kids with you.. then.. just beware) We started out at one corner of MainSt, and Cinderella's castle was at the other end on the street. While Susan went to the restroom, there was a barbershop quartet, nearby, entertaining us while we wait. Ooo.... This place was so colorful, lively, pretty... everyone held big bright cheery smiles, it's impossible to look sad here. The Mouse sign was everywhere.. and yup, omos everyone was wearing some Mickey Mouse hat or ears... I can go on and on... but iIll make it short... the pics should say it all..

Cindy's castle.. beautiful

The Magic Kingdom was divided into multiple themes like Universal's Island of Adventure. First was Adventureland, where we paid a visit to the Swiss Family Treehouse, and rode on the Magic Carpet of Aladdin. We board the boat on the Jungle Cruise which used animatronics, but the big attraction pull here was the guide who was hilarious guide with all his corny jokes. Then we went on the Pirates of Caribbean ride which is so fun..a must-do to anyone planning a trip to Florida. The farny GuideReal anot?.. it actually moves
At the Pirates Ride

Alright, on to the next part, the more cow-boy-ish Frontierland. Susan and I went to explore Tom Sawyer's Island and the Walt Disney World Railroad that took us around the Magic Kingdon while waiting for the others to finish their ride. By the time we met up, the parade was about to begin and the crowds were lining up to watch it. We brekked for lunch after that as we were starving at the nearby Columbia Harbour House.

Next, we visited the dark and funny Haunted Mansion at Liberty Square before heading to the colorful and cheery “it's a small world” ride at Fantasyland. This was one of my fave rides.. everything was just so cute and really really nice.. haha.. watch the clip below... reminds me of when I was small, and race/religion was something unknown to me :) After that was the indoor Peter Pan's Flight and Snow White's Scary Adventures. Another of my fave ride was the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh which told the story of Pooh and his friends.. aww... sooo cute.. poor Pooh's house got flooded... aww... hehe..

Skipped Toontown where Mickey and Minnie stayed (no rides though) as it was getting a bit late already, and headed straight to Tomorrowland. Took a ride on the Astro Orbiter and laughed out loud at the interactive Monster, Inc Laugh Floor. By the time we finished all these, it was about 6-7pm already, and we were dead tired. Ate at the bakery in MainSt..mmm... can still imagine the yummy cinnamon roll... so totally worth it.. and shopped at the souvenirs shop. The whole place was so Mickey Mouse and friends, there were even aprons, baking stuff made up of Mickey's famous logos... wow... he really is super marketable... After shopping, was hoping to catch the fireworks.. but sob sob... it was raining and the show was cancelled.. oh well.. better luck next time then. :)

Ended up taking a ferry to cross the lake to get to the shuttle bus back. Man, was I super super sleep y and tired, but was well worth it. Said goodbyes to my new friends (pls come to Singapore one day ) and snoozed once I hit my bed at the hotel....hmmm.... miss it now.... Twas an unforgettable journey, with wondrous company in an amazing land...

Day FOUR – Shopping and Rest Day (Blogging From Narita)

As above.. was thinking of gg around some more, but with each entry to the parks up to almost USD100, decided to do other stuff today. Spent some time IM-ing frens in Singapore who were gg to the Sundown Marathon tt night (Just got their msg-es : Congrats BK – amazing feat.. dun think I can ever beat you now .. KL .. KL.... one month's time..; and Terence (diff Terence from the aforementioned Terence) hehe... Good Job, bro.. get a good rest now, hope the experience wasn't to harrowing to stop you from future marathon-ing ;) )

OK.. back to Flo-rida. There were numerous other attractions, but din feel like gg there as well. Was waiting at the lobby.. and the shuttle driver to another retail outlet mall came by.. hehe.. grabbed my stuff and off I went.This one was a smaller one – Lake Buena Vista Outlet Mall. Bought a shirt and a pair of Khakis for trekking and a pair of Nike Free shoes. After lunch, spent a few hours browsing the Border's outlet there. Somehow bookstores still excite me most whenever I go shopping.

Returned in the afternoon and slacked in the room. Started packing for home curled up with Dante in my hands. Had MacD for lunch... tried the Club Sandwich tho I still prefer the Msian food back home haha.. I am growing fatter by the days here.... not good.. :p

Day FIVE – The Return to Singapore (Blogging from Narita)

Didn't sleep the whole night as my sleep cycle is horrendously weird now. I sleep from 7-12 pm, then wake around 12.30am for the whole morning.. mebbe tt's how it's meant to be.. to actually sleep at night, and wake up in the morning.. hehe.. My plane to Washington leaves at 9.28am, but as usual, forgot to make prior arrangements the day before (bad habit, btw, but so far no mishaps) went to the front desk at 5am, and the lady there helped me a lot.. phew.. packed and managed to catch the 6.05 am shuttle to the airport and realised that was lucky the second time round. The driver didn't know I was boarding, but he had 2 other passengers to pick up at the same hotel. I shudder to think if he hadn't those two.. he would've skipped my hotel.. and I would've missed the shuttle.. whoa... hehe.. thank God (really, I'm happy to have His blessings.. no matter how small they are). So then and there, goodbye America, 'O land of the Free.. and home of the Brave.

The flights from Florida – Washington and Washington - Narita was OK... not much problem there, but on landing at Narita, 2 health officials came onboard to screen the passengers. Don't know how useful this is.. cos even if I were sick, I wouldn't declare it now, would I?

Alright... got my SK-II stuff.. (they have body lotion here, hope my skin won't react to this one. So far it has rejected all lotions and moisturisers I've tried). Awaiting for the flight home now.. adieu to all for now.. till the next entry..

Trudge on and explore the world.....for it hold many wonders still to impress and much beauty left for the eye to see and the heart to feel.

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