Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nite Safari with the girls...

Attraction : Singapore's Night Safari.. Date : 15.06.09... Participants: 1 directionally challenged GPS, and 3 nutty girls ................... All this, = a great girl nite out!!

Real crocodile

The plan to go to the Night Safari in Singapore came about 2 days before. Was kinda bored, and well figured that since I haven't been to this world acclaimed Singapore attraction, might as well give it a go. Asked Shu-Ting, set a date, then asked Diana.. and wel, there was where it all started.

First: I was late... the girls met up at 5pm... but I was on the bike on the trained, so missed the message till about 5pm.. oops.. quickly showered and head to SGH.
Second: the GPS was weird... to get to Mandai (where the safari was) we had to go all the way to the Causeway!!!.. and made a turn back.. lucky got policeman to reassure us the directions.. was sooooo scared.. din bring passport ma.. but no know already, always bring passport to go to the zoo/night safari.

Third: the Night Safari got 2 shows on. One involves Men in very little clothing firebreathing, the other involves super cute animals, and their comparable part-time trainer :)

Fourth: Well.. the tram ticket only gets you a ride.. A RIDE!! haha... well...our first train ride was horrendous. The guide spoke too fast in a weird accent.. (imagine a person who cant speak proper English imitating an American acccent). Couldn't understand a word she was saying. So.... we went and asked for another ride on the tram.. hehe.. and got it (the backdoor way). The second guide was much better.. finally could understand what we were seeing along the way.

Fifth: Always chk the pictures you're getting from the ppl there before going away. OK, this was illegal, but we went and asked the nice picture taking counter ppl (who were part timers) to print extra copies of the pics they took for us. They were printing it out when their boss came.. so we all played along like lost tourists asking for directions while waiting for the pic to come. Well.. we got 2 right, and 1 more.. was a pic of 3 chinese and 2 indians guys eating on the tram.. hmm... I have no idea what to do with that pic.. girls, any suggestions?... hmm..

The pic that started it all

So, the trip to the Night Safari ended up to be exciting after all... managed to take a pic of the clouded leopard up close (it was soo beautiful) and made lotsa noise on the tram that we ghot shush-ed....but the most exciting part wasnt the animals, but rather the 2 great and silly company I had along... so girls, when's the next trip?..

I think the leopard wants me to stop now.... oops...

Trudge on...


ShuTing said...

Hahahha... it's probably one of the most memorable zoo visit in my life!!!

The best part was we laughed from beginning till the end, HAHAHAH.

Lenox said...

How could you use 'flash' to capture the clouded leopard? You ain't suppose to use flash photography in the night zoo.

jonie said...

haha.. yarr.. miss GPS.. haha

I knoe.. i wasnt suppose to use flash... it was a pure accident.. and i really am sorry for tt