Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I can see my toes....ooo

After much deliberation and reading.. I have finally succumbed to the much debated barefoot running... and bought my first pair of the Vibram FiveFingers. Only one shop in Singapore sells them, so the craze has not hit Croc-like widespread yet in this tiny island, which is quite funny, considering how kiasu the inhabitants can be with running (I've seen some runners wear the 2XU compression pants for a 10k race). Well, i'm hoping barefoot running can help with my Left knee as it still hurts at certain twisted angle. So with much enthusiasm, off I went to Novena and plonked SGD170.10 for a pair of the Black KSO's.
Boy, was it weird. I put it on from Sq 2 Novena itself, and walked around ION Orchard (looking for pau's) and back home again. It felt.. very very comfortable to walk in them.. no joke albeit, looking a whole lot weird. My gait was automatically adjusted with very little effort and soon it felt as though I was walking in the mall barefooted. Plentiful of stares followed me, but hey.. I was actually enjoy suntanning in the limelight :) .. ok.. so for walking, the Vibrams get a BIG :) from me.

Next, the real test.. OK Desare LTU is like.. in another 4 days.. but as always, curiosity gets the better of me. I geared up for a 10k run in the Vibrams. Mentally, I've stoked myself to get calves soreness and feet pain.. so oh well.. time to go..

I sped down on the tarmac fast.. fully on my forefoot... not even touching my heels.. for the first KM.. so exhilaratingly fun.. I love speeding through as the cooling wind hits my face....hmm ok.. no facial description.. back to feet.. Well, the sole of the vibrams is just a piece of rubber.. so, though it sticks well to the ground, every little bumps, and cracks and drain covers is very much feel-able. Well, at least I won't get abrasions and cuts easily as compared to real barefoot running.

Up to about 5 km, the sore starts... ouch ouch ouch.. it really felt torturous but great.. (another S+M moment). Tried to slow down and land more on the midfoot to heel, but it feels worse to do that.. wow... our feet is really meant to run forefoot all the way. The last 1 km was bad so I tried to run faster to finish the run. Counting down the bustops... 3...2...1... end!!! My trial run has ended. Let out a silent hooray.. and YES!!! I've done it..

Barefoot running till now is still tough for me, but it really feels good. Will continue to try out the Vibrams for every other thing I can think of.. and see how it goes.

So, till the next review... trudge on...

Update 19.08.09 - stepped on a stone.. ouch..

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