Sunday, February 7, 2010

Catching the artificial waves...

Never been surfing, so what the heck?.. Just go and crash... that was running through my mind as I was prepping for the Sat's adventure in Sentosa. The Wavehouse one of Sentosa's latest attraction, brought in the Flowrider and Flowbarrel, which were huge shallow soft water pools designed to create artificial waves for the surfing enthusiast without a surfing outlet. Flowrider was easier and flat, while the Barrel was.. hmm.. a barrel.. the waves are barrels, hence you can actually go in and out of the wave. Beginners start with the flowrider and move to the Barrel when they are better... usually... Went this time with Ivy's SIF fellows that I met in Bali, CCh, RF and made some new friends as well, NatQ and DC, and came back with a possible new hobby, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Met up with Cynthia before heading to Sentosa from VivoCity... I was amazed that I can use the EZlink card now to get on the Sentosa Express to the island. Took to Siloso Beach, alighted and headed to the Wavehouse. We were early, so we sat on the beach for a while, taking in the quietness of the lagoon.We registered for the first session when the place opened, and in no time at all... all the slots were filled. Hahaha.. being the gungho fella we are.. we signed up for both Flowrider and Flowbarrel from the start. OK.. all hearts set to go on and fall as much as we can.

The first session was at 11am.. and off we were. The instructor gave some safety instructions and explained how things will go. Each rider will take their turns to ride the wave once, and when they fall, they have to queue again. Each side had about 6-7 riders.. and yes.. the queue was long. So.. started out with the body board.. and after 2 tries.. felt quite OK on it. CCh started with the flowboard first and ... hehe.. it looked fun.. so.. the next turn, I decided to go on the board too and my heart was beating fast when the instructor pushed me onto the water.. and.. hmm... kabishh.... I was washed up in an instance and went back into the queue. But it was BLOODY FUN!! OK.. went again and again and again.. and was getting the hang of it. Meanwhile, RF and NatQ arrived and went to register for the next session.

Time was up for me and CCh and we decided to switch our next Barrel to the Rider as we weren't confident of our skills yet. Unfortunately, the 12pm slots were full.. ok, we'll take the 1pm one.. at the same time DC arrived and registered for the 1pm one too! yay!!

RF and NatQ went on, but didn't have many turns as there were many riders now. Hmm.. note to self, come later in the day on weekends. Went again on the 1pm session, and did better this time. Can stand, and move left-right, but still can't correct and balance to perfection yet.. mebbe more practice.

Me standing on the board

After the second session, it was time to call it a day.. am tired after all, but still high with excitement. RF and NatQ went off first, and then the remaining 3 of us after a round of Ben and Jerry's.. yummy... went back to the mainland andmet up with ST after that in Vivo.. and was dead tired.. hehe

The Rider Team

All of us agreed that it was a great ride and was raring to go again.. it really is addictive and fun. CCh said it was harder than real waves, but at least no need to paddle. Now I am so on to try a real wave too soon.. but till then, this artificial one will do..

Hmm.. there's a 2 for 1 on Wednesday nights.. and hmm anybody on?

Trudge on..

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