Saturday, February 20, 2010

More mountain biking action!!

Mountain biking is something new that I picked up for the SAC's sake.. but am starting to fall in love with it. It's a healthy but at times painful sport... punctuated with falls, bruises, lacerations, abrasions, cuts.. and sometimes fractures, but is filled with joy, camaraderie, confidence, and the adrenaline rush that makes it a very interesting extreme sport. Ever since I got my bike, haven't used it much in the trails.. well .. I have almost zero trail knowledge after all. So.. time to learn sth for real, and signed up with the YMCA Beginner's MTB course.

Woke up late (it's a Saturday) and cabbed to Changy Jetty. Met up at 8.30 am... and met GN from the previous NUS - MIR ( NUS Student Mountaineering Team; she's my senior). Surprise surprise.. another prev MIR member was also coming.. S.. whoa.. keep the adventure spirit coming guys!!

Our instructor of the day was CDS and he is one super uber fun guy with amazing skills and confidence. So.. once everyone has gathered.. off we went. The Bumboat was SGD2.50 one way, and for the bikes, an extra SGD2.

CDS,,, Dun let his appearance and age fool you
Once we arrived, those without a bike went to rent the bikes. We started with simple technical instructions.. and off we went once everyone was comfy with their bikes. CDS took us at a very comfortable pace.. those who were on to try more intermediate techniques were allowed to while those who wanted to opt out were given a chance to. Nevertheless he was very encouraging.. and well.. practice makes perfect :)

This is how we rest it on the ground :)

We practices a couple of Downhill slopes to get rid of that downhill fear. And it worked.. I'm more confident in going downhill without stopping to push my bike.. tt's said.. I still need more practice :)

We had multiple stops.. and one of the better ones were the stop at the lake for some food and drinks... nice...
Short Break to enjoy the view

View of the lake and branches sticking out

We ended with a short stint at the Pulau Ketam trail... where.... a lot of things happened.... one person flipped and we were joined by another enthusiasts.... something that was long and greena and slithery...

Rock Garden in The Pulau Ketam trail.. I shall conquer it!

The Green Snake the dropped from the trees.. only to be ran over by S

OK.. this time.. I did not fall.. but injury count.. two person crashed.. one person flipped over.. which reminds me.. I need to go get a MediKit ready later...

Group shot after the trails!!

We all finished with smiles on our faces and the determination to go on more trails :) I'm onzz for more MTB-ing already!!! It's really the first step that is scary, but after conquering it.. hmm.. it gets easier. So let's go!!!

Trudge on...

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