Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another chapter of life...

When something ends, another begins...
The past few weeks brought a LOT of changes in my life... that time literally flew past me again at like a speeding bullet.. and now... reflecting back:
1) moving out next mth - new hsemate(s) and new place ... now need to settle agreement and packing
2) changed from a primary runner to a primary cyclist - MTB and roadie (singlespeed)
3) no more PTSD (developed since that hard knock on my head during my solo skydive) from heights ... realised tt when I went climbing tt I wasn't afraid of heights anymore!! YES!!! time to save more money and go back to skyjumping..
4) between a need and a want.. what do I really want, and what I really need.. which is more important.. hmm.. can't decide..

I'm still scared and unsure of my future though, but as usual.. things happened along the way to reassure me that life is great by just being alive, and tt I should never take anything for granted cos its all there for a purpose.

I know this is gonna sound so Great Eastern and all, but...

Life is great!!!

Trudge on..

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