Thursday, October 28, 2010

"That" feeling..

You know, "that" feeling... The feeling that makes your heart go faster, you get a bit more restless, and you keep wondering if what you're feeling is really something more than what you think it is (sorry, this has no reference to any romantic inclination, whatsoever...).

Been doing a bit more of night trail riding nowadays, and there are times when I get that feeling. There are certain parts of the trail that "feels" very strong to me that makes me to only want to go faster and get out of there. Maybe it's just my imagination, and I thought I was the only one who felt this, but when I talked to WJ yesterday about it, I was surprised that he felt the same way at the exact same spots too. For eg, in our recent ride, there was a part when I was leading that I suddenly had the strong urge to make sure that the person behind me was really supposed to be the person behind me, and I shouted to make sure that he really was the person behind me. WJ did the same thing too a few nights before when we were riding together, at the exact same spot, in the exact same direction we were riding.

Well, that doesn't mean the night rides will stop. Will continue to explore new places to ride as night trail riding is fun, and well, more fun than day time riding at times. Maybe I'll just install an airhorn or a bell, to be on the safer side, and bring a GPS system to prevent from getting lost.. and more spare batteries and lamps, so I'll never be in the dark. Hmm.. and maybe a cross, garlic, holy water... etc.. my bag will probably weigh a ton by then..

Well, it's going to be Oct 31st again soon, and .... Happy Halloween, everybody!!Get out, wear a costume, act crazy, go watch a scary movie.. just have a scaaary weekend y'all!

Till the next ride, Scare on...

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