Sunday, October 31, 2010

A weekend that almost went wrong...

Last weekend was strange (maybe cos it was Halloweens.. hmm). Things that was planned went off and things that was not planned went great. The original scheme of the grand plan was to go to KL on Saturday, climb a bit at Batu Caves and then head up to Genting for the GTB on Sunday. So here’s what happened:

  1. It started to rain at BC.. no climbing
  2. BK ran a fever at Genting… no run
  3. Had a good long needed rest in Awana… been planning to have a chillaxing hotel holiday for months now
  4. Went down early to BC.. managed 3 lead climbs, the 28m was :) :).. Thanks EQ-san
  5. Met new crazy friends… some I’ve only known on Facebook… fantastic!

Trudge on, my friends..

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