Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back from KL....

Ah...another weekend hath passed....phew...the last weekend was a BLAST!!! Spent it all in KL, among good and close friends, and had an amazingly, uforgettable time. This 27th birthday on the 27th was one of the best birthdays I've ever had... and making it well known really helped it a lot. This is the first year I really made it a point that ppl know when my birthday is... and it is well worth it. Wll, being 27 on the 27th only happens once.. so I don't plan to be modest about that.

Birthday celebrations actually started way before Thursday (the 27th).. it started on Tuesday (the 25th). One fine rainy evening, and so no training that can be done. Msg-ed my housemate, Yun Yun... and off we went on a birthday shopping trip at Orchard (amazingly, it was only raining at Holland Village). Yun Yun was very onz about getting me birthday prezzies.. and so she got me this wonderfully amazing pearl pendant with a mathching necklace... bellshaped, it had a Mikimoto pearly hanging in it making it one of the most cutest pendant I have ever seen. After that, she bought me a purple halter bikini too from newurbanmale. Sexy sexy, the male salesguy hopped over to see me in the bikini when I changed into it.. heheh.... it was about closing time... and the guy was still being very very nice.. quite a cute guy too... Thanks YY !!!

Then, it was the birth-day itself. It all started great. As usual, 5-minutes packing... and realised I forgot my toothbrush and comb in KL later on. ACLS was fun, met up with Maureen, Abey-kun and Choon Chiat after loooong time no seeing... (haha...still like CC a lot... really nice guy, gave me a ride to Novena Square after that) Amazingly, I passed the theory test.. which I thought I would have failed miserably. Yakked and yakked and yakked... then test, then finished.. the ACLS cert is valid for only 2 yrs, but hey, I passed, so now, no need to go through the first aid course the hospital is running for the docs without ACLS...bwahahahah.

Okay, the trip to KL was fairly un-happening. Reached KL about 730pm, in Bangsar.. called Ivy, who picked me up.. and ta-da...met Jon for the first time. He was really shocked that I was super talkative... hey, can't ever stop a girl from talking, after all. Changed into a simple dress I bought at Novena sq in the car, and headed off to Chilli's at Bangsar Shopping Complex. There, Callie, Fipink and Ah Pooi were already waiting and hungry. Had a fantastic meal there, followed by Mango Lolo at SS/2. Was suppose to have Choc fondue at Haagen Daaz, but the one in BSC was not there anymore... so... oh well... sorry Jon, mebbe next time.

First night in KL was relaxing... havent had a long break (ohkaaay, more like less than a week ago was diving off Pulau Dayang) where I could sleep without stress..... The next day was filled with shopping... haha..only girls involved , so no guys tortured until the end when Ivy and Jon appeared. It was at the Pavillion. The initial plan was for the fish spa... scrapped that and went bikini shopping instead. Ended up with the girls (me, YP, FP, and Ivy) with a bikini each. hehe..planning for a beach party soon.. :)..Had my first J. Co donuts there as well... yummy... deli-cious... mmm..... the dough was good, which was what I thought had made them famous as compared to other donut shops. Must have them summore the next time I'm in KL... (which is in another 2 weeks, btw, before flying to Mulu). Then, went to collect the Race Entry Pack at Wisma OCM at Jln Hang Jebat. Other than the slow collection process, the collection area was in a fairly airconless hall - stuffy stuffy stuffy. Anyways, bought some PowerBars there at the super cheap price of RM5.50 ea. Pooi and I headed off to Midvalley next to pass sth to her sis, in which we bumped into an old friend of hers from Uni. Had Jap food (the sashimi was great!!) for dinner at ?Sakura?. Wanted Choc Fondue again for dessert... but no nearby Haagen Daaz...haha... sorry again, Jon...

Saturday morning was filled with hanging around Bangsar Village. Saw some amazing strapless dresses but Ah Pooi managed to dissuade me to buy (thx Pooi!) and had lunch at the super high class hawker food restaurant "Mdm Kwan's".. not as good as real hawker food though. BK arrived in the afternoon, and Pooi dropped us of at Swiss Inn Hotel to chk in.

BK was hungry already (as usu, hehe) and had pasta again at Dome. We met up with Ah Beh later on at the Pavillion, and he had pasta again at TGIF.. super ultra carbo loading..., anyways, the margarita at TGIF was quite good... At night, was at Jln Alor with Ow, EeSoon and Henry eating ikan bakar, sotong kangkong and tiram telor (i think that's how u call it). mmmm......missing it now.

After 3 hours of sleep, had to force myself up for the run, race starting at 430am...wake up wake up... cant have coffee cos don't wanna pee too much later on... put on my running shoes, tag on the runners bib..and off we (BK and I) went. sob sob sob...the run was not up to my expectations as my left runners knee resurfaced around KM 25.. Don't wanna sacrifice my knee too soon before the Mulu trip, so decided to rest more and walk along the way after I started limping at KM 30... so long as I finish... that's more important for now. :)... finally FINISHED!!!!! ...haha... at a horrendous time of 4:40... need to improve next time. It was a nice run though, managed to hit all the big spots in KL, well...except the KL UMNO building.. hehe

After the race, headed straight back to the hotel, and had a relaxing shower... slept another 1 hr..before chking out and meeting up with Henry, Ow and EeSoon at KLCC. Had KFC for lunch and Starbucks for coffee.... hehe...then yakked yakked yakked till it was time to go :(... took a cab to Pudu and boarded the bus.... left KL with a heavy heart but painful legs.. I'm gonna miss everyone I'm leaving in Malaysia.. :(

Like I said earlier on, this year's Birthday celebration is one of the best I ever. With so much fun and love from everyone, I felt like the luckiest person on earth. It felt like an amazing start to being 27... and it really is... Will meet up with everyone again soon.... but going to Mulu first in 2 weeks time to finish up what I didn't finish the last time... Thanks guys... and here's to the future.. work smart, not hard but always remember to play hard...

Trudge on.....

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Ivy Chai said...

COngratulations on both your b'day and i'm glad you had a great time

and Congratulations again for finishing the race even with a painful leg.

Hope to make it for the rafting this april.