Sunday, March 9, 2008

Scuba diving..

Haiz... one thing that I've always wanted to learn... and I finally found the time to do it - Scuba Diving. Mum was always against it, cos 1. It involves underwater action. 2. Had a close friend who passed away from a snorkelling incident. 3. Fortune teller said that I had no luck with water, so I may be tempting something more than I can bargain for. Nevertheless.... I managed to pluck up the courage to start on a scuba diving course.

It started with a theory lesson last Tuesday where we went through the important things about diving. 4 hrs of watching videos, listening to diving theory, doing quizzes...zzz... but managed to pass the test in the end :). Next was the pool session, which was yesterday.. brr.. even in a wetsuit, it was freezing cold till I had teeth chattering. But the practical session was so much more fun. Had a great time trying to control my buoyancy; I'd either float or sink too much rather than be in the water at status quo position. Breathing through the mouth into the regulator also took some time to get use to, especially when its breath through the mouth, and blow through the nose (to clear the goggles of the water seeping in it). All these skills are a necessity though, if I ever wanna be a good diver. Most important of all is to - RELAX!!! STAY CALM!!! DON"T PANIC!!! hmm..will be hard though with my ever type-A personality coming in during times of stress. Need to focus and meditate for the next few days.

Okies, next and finally on the schedule would be the dive itself. I'll be going on the 21-23 March weekend (Good Friday weekend) to Pulau Dayang. I'm really excited about it that I'm already planning my travelling gears (to those who don't know me well, packing is a 5 minute job right before leaving for anywhere - more or less already have a standard chklist in my palm). I hope everything goes well cos the next week I have the Marathon.. that reminds me, need to bunk in with someone (Dun worry Ivy, we'll get it sorted out).. Don't really know much about Pulau Dayang, other than the fact that it is smaller than Pulau Aur, which is right next to it. But this trip is to get used to diving, so seeing the underwater life there would come in second in importance. Oooo... I'm still dreaming of diving in Sipadan in August, before the Climbathon... Any other divers out there keen to dive there as well? then we can climb Gunung Kinabalu (not on the climbathon day itself, wanna try the Via Ferrata new route).

Alright, enough for now about diving. Will bring more updates later on. Till the next post then...

trudge on, all..

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Ivy Chai said...

Too bad, I'm not free on the weekend of 28th evening to 30th March as that's my Ph.D. presentation in Malacca.

27th's fine with me! However, may be quite worried about my presentation preparation. So forgive me :)