Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Accuracy Of Death

Just went to watch a new show today – Accuracy of Death – starring, the ever cutie heart throb Takeshi Kaneshiro. Interesting show, it depicts Takeshi as the Grim Reaper, who goes around judging soon-to-die ppl for 7 days, before deciding if the person should or should not expire. Even with a grave theme, the show is light-hearted and displays a poignant sentiment, in which, the Grim Reaper, even with immortality, can never understand the meaning of death as he is clueless about the meaning of living. And it is this cluelessness that Takeshi displayed very very well.

The show takes it viewers into the simplicity of Takeshi’s character as the Grim Reaper. He is as though a Junior Reaper, still new to the whole ball game, and has almost no experience in human emotions. Intertwined in the lives of 3 human characters, slowly, but surely he starts to understand what he must do, and the effects of it all can only be seen in the last character he got involved in, where he finally come to a realization of what living means. The first character, a despairing OL, learned to live again, with what little hope there is. The second featured a yakuza as the dying person, but innuendo-ly was about his sidekick, and the third character, the one that links it all together, was about a 70 year old hairdresser, who has seen it all but has one more wish to fulfill before she says goodbye.

Other Reapers were in the show too, to brighten the mood and provide somewhat of a comedic relief, and it really is fun to see them. ☺ Somehow, I really wish they were shown more in the show too.

The theme song “Sunny Day”, has a few deeper meaning to it, and to each character in the show. Only in the end however, do the audience get to hear the whole song.. sort of like to keep the suspense reined in.

Death in this show was not a sad thing, it was accepted smoothly, in which the person has finally fulfilled his purpose in life, and has no regrets in dying. Good and simple show, I would say, that would make a person think back of the things he or she has done in life.. I would give this a “watch if you want something simple” rating…

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