Saturday, November 14, 2009

A day in the "new" life of Lala...

0400: Wake up for no reason.. (really, I don't know why).. do a bit of reading
0500: Sleep for another 2 hrs
0700 Wake up for real now. Get ready for work
0730: Head to work
0830: Work


1730: Finish work for the day. Run Home
1830: Arrive home. Train either swim, bike or run
2130: Finish training. Shower
2200: Study, read, chat online
0000: Sleep
0400: Wake up for no apparent reason... again

hahaha... my life for the past 2 weeks... roughly...

Trudge on..


ShuTing said...
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ShuTing said...

i will put the blame on the Mr Big of your life!!!

jonie said...

yarr.. after all the drama.. sighs...