Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Races I plan to do in 2010....

Been planning the races I wanna do next year (2010). I kinda like trail running after TNF100 and Genting Trailblazers, and hope to do more next year. I also wanna do more adventure-ish kinda races to get back into the technical and wild bit of racing other than the road races and triathlons

Feb - Ironman Langkawi - Paid already.. so no backing out now

Apr - Sabah Adventure Challenge - wild.. wild.. wild
From their website:

"....teams of two mountain biking, orienteering, paddling, tubing and trekking from check point to check point along the highlands of Sabah with rolling hills, glorious views of Mount Kinabalu, and exploring through the native villages and rivers of North Borneo....."
".....bunked in at local villages.......challenged with the difficult terrain and challenging river crossings"
"...oldest multi-day adventure race."


I'm just hoping to settle logistic issues for now.. ie the MTB's.. cos I dun have one, and haven't even trained on one before.. But then again, it's not the first time I'm doing stuff like this... (for eg, I only learned how to use an aerobar for the first time in IML 2009 itself, after lap 1)

June - KL marathon - veteran there.. nuff said...
Doing this race has sort of schedule that me and BK follow.... Sat afternoon - arrive KL. Chk in hotel room. Go out kai kai until 11+pm, come back and hang around. Sleep at 1+ am. Get up at 4+ am and go and race...
After race... zzzzz until 12.30pm when need to chk out.. then hang somewhere until evening to take coach. Total knock out until arrive Singapore... :)

Aug - Desaru LTU -Aids station manager.. really.. this time I wanna look see look see onny
Desaru LTU is a race that heavily relies on the aids station put up by volunteers.. so may be a good time to be on the other side instead.

Oct - Perhentian Island Challenge and Kinabalu Climbathon; Maybe TNF again.. just mebbe

Nov - Genting Trailblazer, Phuket Laguna Triathlon.. swim in the fresh/saltwater, run on the raod/trails... hmm.. not too sure bout the biking .. trails.. hehe

Dec - REST and POM POM ppl!!!

Tt's all for now.. and the year... I hope... but then again...


Trudge on..

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