Friday, January 22, 2010

Busy busy as a bee...

This past week has been a total killer... I've never felt up to my neck in work and training before.. and this week was so dead... but somehow.. I felt happy and glad to do it all.

I'm not perfect, and my time management skills are quite bad (so is my orienteering skills.. haha) but I think i'm getting better at it. One thing I realised is that, no matter how busy I am, I always need time to keep my mind of work and studies and chillax. I don't have any family members and my housemate isn't in all the time, so chillaxing time is not automated to me. So, even relaxing time is a slotted time in my timetable. It's usually before and after training, so I get to relax my mind before refocusing on my runs/bikes.

Another thing I do alot is studying while I'm on my bike trainer. Hey, there's no better time to force myself to read then when I'm riding stationary.. but this gets kinda boring after a while.. and then I switch the TV on.. oh well.. at least I usually manage to read 1-2 chapters of Project Mangement in my textbook while on the bike.

Hmm.. another thing I compromised alot this week was SLEEP. Just to cover all the work, I've only had about 4hours of sleep a day.. and it's tiring. I know, I know.. I need more rest.. and it's really evident when I try to run, but don't feel as relaxed and strong as I should be. But then, with so many things going on... it's hard to force myself to rest. Maybe the trip to Siem Reap in another weeks' time will give me a chance to unwind.

The one thing I missed this whole week and always try to keep up with was talking and chatting to all my friends, whether on the phone or online. I hope those who tried to message me will forgive me when I don't reply cos I'm usually zzz-ing by then on my Mac. It's just been that kind of week for me :) but somehow, I think, this week gives me more perspective of what I want to do and how to do it, then any other weeks so far. :)

So to all, and especially Ivy, .. work is not always easy, but it's all worth it if you learn and do something you like in the end... :)

Trudge on..

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