Sunday, January 3, 2010

First post of the New Year!!

The first post of the year... hurrah!! haha.. but it'll be about last year's Xmas and New Year's celebration.. This year's top it all ..and for so many reasons... :) .. so in no particular order...

1. Had a blast in Australia early in December with Teryn and the rest of the triathletes. Everyday was filled with joy and laughter, and I felt really well taken care of by the Chinawoman and the Bangla.. hehe.. and the rest of the party.. well... let's just say that things can't get any better.

2. Went to 2 Xmas parties.
First: ST's church soiree at 211 restaurant.. good food and nice company
Second: ST's home soiree.. where taking photographs became funny, the food was good, the ppl were mad and well.. the cake was flying everywhere, and smashing/ being smashed into everything.
(been dying to get the Panasonic Lumix GF1 - TimmyL.. u are sooo poisonous)

3. Xmas Prezzies:
Very very nice prezzies!! from everyone .. tq tq

4. Xmas Prezzies to my self.. hehe...
MacBook Pro 13.3" since my older one spoilt aledy.. And I needed a laptop ASAP

5. Visit Home... haven't seen family since October. I miss my family a lot at times.. especially on special occasions.. so was good to just lay back and chill at home (Ipoh)

6. Pooi pooi and Bunny's ROM.. and Ivy found a BF too!!! woof woof!!

7. Outings - on Xmas eve to makan and Clarke Quay with BK, Ryan and CW!!
Where's the photos?? (been dying to get the Panasonic Lumix GF1 - CW.. u are sooo poisonous)

8. MOVIES - AVATAR 3D, and Sherlock.. must watch !! Robert Downey Jr is to die for...

9. Was sick.. flu + flu + conjuntivities... this is sooo memorable .. was knocked out from training for 2-3 weeks...

10. Made lovely lovely new friends all mths long.. even when I least expected it.. hehe.. from tourists to church friends, to new colleagues and reuniting with old acquaintances..

so... in conclusion... all in the month of December, and a bit of January...

Life has been great!!! Trudge on..!!


cchivy said...

A dog???!!! Touch wood, touch wood. I reslly wish my future hubby is in human form!

K3vski said...

Happy new year to you, stumbled upon your blog from clicking one of my friend's (triathlete Sofian) links.

You coming to Ironman Langkawi 2010too?

Was surprised that you were in Perth recently. Not many people come here to visit unless they have friends here.

jonie said...

Ivy: u called him BF ma.. hehe

Hi K3vski, was there for hols after IMWA .. loved tt place.. simple and nice, dun mind gg back there again :)
YUP!!! LANGKAWI!! back to get another eagle .. plus beer is super cheap there... !!! u gg Langkawi?.. I hope I can meet up with Sofian there.. mebbe have some drinks or sth with him.. would be fun!!