Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moving...moving,....moving...'s that time of the year again.. time for me to pack up and move.. nope.. not the emo baggage thing, did that last year. It's really time for me to pack up and move home again.. sigh... Since I stepped into Singapore, moving from one place to another has become almost a yearly thing. sometimes even up to 2-3 times a year. It all started with the first big move here, followed by the "I got kicked out of NUS" move 2 yrs later. Then, moved out with JY in yr 3, and back again into NUS Old Kent Ridge Hostel (mind you, moved 3 times before finally settling down in a room in the hostel). Lucky thing though, was heavily into mountaineering then. Finally, kicked out again in final year, and that was also the year I started staying in HV - First in blk 2, then blk 11 and finally, moving out again this year.

Moving out is not fun to do.. there's a few phases to it.. the throwing out junk phase, the finding the boxes phase, the real packing phase, the where should I stuff this phase.. and so on. It can be done fast, but one needs to have a hard heart to throw things away. Some things brings a lot of memories, like soft toys, cards, that you dont really need, while others are really just junk. Funnily, while going through some of the old stuff, I found a whole bunch of unopened angpows... with close to RM500 in it. So, some stuff are really worth keeping, after all.

Found some interesting pics too... my pics from the Europe tour, where I went rafting in Austria.. haha.. barely can see me in the pics.. :) forgot I even had them. Then some mountaineering souvenirs that disappeared when I wanted to distribute them... Moving places really makes all this stuff reappear again.. Going through all this brings back old memories, some best left hidden, and some nice little surprises too :) It usually takes me a loooong time to go through all this, and thus, moving becomes somewhat quite emo to me after a while.

Think its time I grew up too. So all da soft toys.. say good bye ...bwahahhahaha...

Some really old CD's.. say good bye too.. MP3's practically killed the need for CD's already..

Old books... go burn!!! bwahaha..

I'm really evil at times..

But seriously, I'm gonna miss this old place that I stayed for 2 yrs. Its the place where I did and learnt so many things. Its the place where Post calls - I had amazing afternoon naps. It's the place, I lost my ...ahem ahem...

Tag Hauer larr.. what were you thinking of... hehe... but, really.. it's the place where 365x2 (no olympics ma, so no leap year) days of my was spent. I'll miss this place, and all the dear memories of it. But now, its time to look forward,to a new place, a new life, and a new me ....

Trudge on

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Ivy Chai said...

aiya...potong stim lah you!

:p I which it weren't the Tag Hauer *evil*