Friday, June 6, 2008

On The Fast Lane..

Phew.. the week came by and disappeared in an instant... can't believe its Saturday already, and this has gotta be one of the most happening week so far... recap from Sunday:

Started out Sunday with running... literally. The run started at 8.30pm the night before, but did not have a good start as my Left runner's knee was already in pain, causing my left calf to cramp up. Met a great new running buddy tho.. Mohan.. who's a member of the Malaysian PaceSetters... did a good ?10 km with him... managed to run 54 km before calling it quits at the drinks station. Knee was already swollen by then.. time was 6hrs.. hmm.. now too bad.. my first foray into ultra endurance events :) anyways, picked up by the organisers car and headed back to the finishing line. Had a massage there, and saw sports boss who did a 42km in 3:30 hrs... fast timing.. waited up till BK finished... was really happy for my friend.. CH who came in 2nd for the 84 km... his form was superb that day.. shoulda handed him my bib ... hehe... somehow my racing bib was 0002 (no idea how i got it.. and no, i am not an elite runner)...

Went home... and CRASHED on the bed... for 4 hrs.. haha.. woke up, had Cha Soba at Sushi Tei for lunch.. but no quail's egg. ...:(... then CRASHED at the foot massage place... and CRASHED again at home before meeting up with BK at Amici for dinner and YY for icecream at Haagen Daz.. and CRASHED again at home after that.. Sunday was a day of running and crashing ( Crashing in this entry = Sleeping)

My legs were still in DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness)... and it hurts a lot. Was walking with a weird gait.. left leg shuffling and right leg waddling.. in heels.. haha... but still manage to walk... skipped training today.. had a meeting that lasted well into 8.30pm at night.. sleepy sleepy by then.. buuuuut... once i reached home YY was: let's go to Wala Wala... and I as usual... (being a wala wala-ian) said YES!! fantastic.. The uneXpected was on!!! Brandon was super cool as usual... but I thought the replacement bassist (watever his name was) was cuter.. Anyway, YY had eyes only for Brandon.. so.. small argument there. I would be a groupie for Brandon too.. with that huge biceps and hunky looks he had.. hehehe.. just that on that night, the bassist was just tooo darn cute.. :)

Okies, all I can remember was that it started out with a meeting at SGH SoN.. yes, sg is full of acronyms.. :) and ended with me swimming.. can't remember what happened in between... so dun ask...

Initially wanted to attend some classes at the gym with colleague DL, haha... but in the end both of us got lazy and decided to do it the next day instead. Had another late meeting in the evening till 8.30 pm again.. but managed to squeeze in a short afternoon workout before that.. hey hey.. can't be too lazy, right..

Okay..joined the body combat class... but left knee still not the best.. so left halfway through to do more rehab exercises for my left knee. DL commented with a mocking drooling face later that all the old aunties were staring at the trainer's well sculpted body.. haha.. I hope I wont be like that in the future.. hahah. Had a meeting in the afternoon with the nurses about how computers will impact their work in the hospital... phew... will need more work on that next week. oh yarr... think i did the most stupid thing ever too, - signed up for next yr's Ironman Langkawi... darn...

Meeting at CGH in the afternoon, followed by a super uber long workout at the gym... 1hr stairmaster, 1 hr body pump, 1 hr spin class, 30mins weight... after which me and YY had drinks at Harry's.. think i'll forgo Harry's from now on.. the cocktails weren't impressive..

Saturday (today)
Raining raining raining... and it started at 10am. Went for another foot massage.. and came out, the whole Holland Village was flooded, knee high. Saw some ang moh lady pulling up her dress to prevent it from getting wet. 2 cars got stuck at the road.. thus some policeman was called to push the cars away as they were causing a traffic jam. hehe.... As for me, after the massage, came back and had fried meehoon for lunch.. then MSN-ed YP fer awhile.. and here I am.. updating my blog.... might head to the gym today for more workouts... but hehe...... LAZY!!! this weather is only good for one thing only... and that is for sleeping.. (or if u wanna include sex as well, that'll be two things.. ) :p..

That's a super short summary of lala's life in a week.. din even notice that it went by sooooo fast... will start to pick up training pace again, as have been slacking (not doing enough swimming and cycling) the past 1-2weeks. So, to all, have a good weekend and trudge on.... Life is short, but live it well, as the saying (not in verbatim) goes from KungFu Panda (great show, btw, for those who have yet to catch it) :

Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow's a mystery,
But Today is the greatest gift of all,
That's why it's called the Present....

signing out...

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