Monday, June 23, 2008

The weekend...

Okay..since i'll be in a looooong meeting today... time to do sth more important then..

The weekend came and go again. Had a full weekend last weekend.. but was mainly filled with myalgia. Saturday started off okay, sorry guys, couldn't go for the bikini shoot (fyi: it was a tie btw the black and blue one). Had a swimming clinic by tribob that day.. more like 2 clinics. The morning session started at 9am.. and I was all powered up for that one. There were many there.. and so we spilt into 2 grps after a trialswim. I was in the slower swimmer grp... on purpose... the instructor was an "angmoh".. named ?Mathey?... he was charming, cheeky.. and KAWAII!!! I was so enamoured.. mmm...can still remember him well now. shoulda flirted with him more.... mmmmmm... but anyways.. open water swim is DIFFICULT!! its not as easy as I thought it would be.. and sighting gives me a bad neckpain.. ouch.. the clinic ended at 12.. and I went for a quick lunch. unfortunately.. around that time.. I started to have bad bad bad muscle pain... I wonder why.... took a cab back anyway.. and rested in the afternoon... ouch..

Night came,and I went for a run..bad move.. the muscle pain got worse after that.. .hmm.. by then I remembered... the culprits at work who passed me the virus.. arggh...damn damn damn.. oh well.. will just live with it.

Sunday started out painful, again. Took a cup of coffee and dragged myself out of bed.. suppose to meet up with CT today.. who came from KL on Friday. Then, it rained.. heavily.. with muscles still aching, managed to changed and head out for Orchard. hmm..rain stopped when I arrive there. Went up to Kino - bought a book for Ironman training... darn, won't be as easy as I thought it would be. Met up with CT about a while later, and went for lunch. The next few hours was tagging along, showing him good places for him to take (prac taking pics) of his cousin and his GF.. well.. not a good place Orc that day.. construction was going on and Orc was not as pretty. After that.. .went to have a haircut.. with the cutie Alan.. he's a real cute and nice guy ..think i'm more interested in him than his haircuts.. hehehe..well, there was one point where we were flirting with each other.. ;)

Rested at night after..decided to forego training for that night as needed time to recover. Slept early yesterday, and woke up early today.. the weekend came and go again... but it was an interesting weekend, in some sense.

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