Sunday, December 5, 2010

Being Just in the Nick of Time...

Recce Trip No 2 : Bukit Takun

Joke of the day(s):
Stan: I'm Eurasian, what!!!
EA-San: Since when??
Stan: What do you mean since when? Since I was born la!!
All of the rest: HUH??!!!
Stan: orr... now u racist la...
All of the rest: hahahahahahahhahaha
... and the rest of it was history, as people would put it.

Bukit Takun, a "small" hill somewhere in the outskirts of KL city. Its tucked quite deep in, but is one of the oldest climbing places in Malaysia (according to the Climb Malaysia book). Mainly travelled to for its trad climbing, it has a few bolted routes for sport climbing as well. And, looking for a new place to climb, it was time to recce Bukit Takun.

With 8 climbers, 4 ropes, and a whole bunch of gear, we took of on Friday night (to be more exact, Saturday 12.30am). The van was fairly comfortable, but sleeping in a van sux. hehe.. We arrived at about 6 am in KL, and tried to check-in to the hotel, but the rooms were still occupied. We went to a mamak for breakfast instead, and headed down to Takun after that. Better get started, bright and early. Buuuut... it drizzled..

Breakfast at the Mamak

Getting there, however... was not easy. We had some instructions from the Web, and we reached the starting point in about 30mins or so. Then the trekking in begins. err... as usual, I think not many read the link that EA-san sent.. (me too!!) and wore only flip-flops and sandals, which was NOT advisable.. haha. It was a treacherous uphill trek, with mozzies and leaches all around ( I almost got bitten by one of them). After about 20minutes, we reached the first wall (Stan and Vincent got a leech bite here). We set up most of our stuff on the ground and started to recce the site for bolts and anchors. This being a recce trip, we really did recce a lot. Not many bolts in site and JS then started his first attempt on one route (with no anchors in sight), while the rest of us continued to look around. We found another one towards the left, which was a good climb, and Stan had to kill a tree (he tried burning and sawing) that was blocking the route (Thank you, Stan hehe). We then adjourned to the Right side of the wall, where the trad climbing courses were held. It was another about 15-20minutes trekking through sharp rocks and muddy ground in flip flops and sandals.. sigh.. But anyways, 3 routes were set up here and that's about it. It started to drizzle again about 4+pm, and we decided it was time to head back. This is not a place you wanna be in when its raining, that's for sure. Packed up and headed back down to the road for our van pick-up. And it came in just in time too, before a heavier down pour started to come down on us.. phew..

OK, all of us were tired and hungry (we tapau-ed food , but the treacherous trekking burned it all up) so we headed back to the hotel to clean up. Went to OneUtama for dinner and kai kai .. to round it up :
1) We went to see the MONSTER wall at Camp5 - must be 6C rated climber to climb horr.. inside, we secretly held our hopes that it will rain the next day, so we can go to Camp5 again, much to the dismay of EA-san.. haha...
2) Had Nando's for dinner and yummy A&W for supper (my 2 fave fastfood in KL) - can never get enuff of peri peri and the icecream waffles!!
3) Watched Rapunzel 3D at 11pm (which I think only started at 11.30 or so) - free soloing with(out) gears.. don't miss it!! Great cartoon btw, and my fave this year..

Roomie - ST and me were kaput-ed when I reached the room. Zzz out almost immediately. And that's it for Day One.

The next day: Back to Batu Caves. We went to Damai Wall with little hope of getting to Nyamuk later (which as usual never happens). Here, HM, ST and I did some lead climbing (getting better, I hope) and the Monsoon route - now I understand what everyone was saying about "the slope" haha.. After that I stopped as my arms were too achy too continue.

JS and SM paired up to do one multi-pitch, and so did Vincent and Stan. Was wondering what took them ages (the whole morning to be exact) up there, but later was shown the reason - they were taking pictures of each other up there.. haha ... We were later joined by S and S from the Nomad adventure side. Had a awesome time at BC as usual, and I made a new resolution to do multi pitches in the next BC trip in Jan. :)... oh yarr... we finally had our first lunch at Batu Caves, after sooo many visits here!!
The reason to do a multipitch!

The View from above

The only time when the wall was quiet was when these 2 were up in their pitches :p

JS and SM on their pitch

ST tired liao...


Packed and headed back to SG at about 430pm. Had an epic wait for food at the A&W Ayer Keroh, and reached SG at 11.00 ++ pm. Tired, dead and sleepy, I just jumped into bed and zzz... haha..

Think BC saved this trip from being a disaster. Somehow, it always turns a frowning climber into a smiling climber. Takun was.. sort of nice, but I still think it's more for trad climbing :) Well, till the next climb, recce, or watever...

Trudge on!!

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