Thursday, December 2, 2010

Viva La Vida

Da link:

Amazing... one guy, playing all the different layers song separately.. and editing it back into one piece. Reminds me why I took up violin last time. I loved the sound it makes, the emotions it stirrs. The pull of the bows, the light staccatos it makes..

But anyways, about the song. It's time to review the year that just came and go, and wonder how next year will be like. This year has got to be the biggest DRAMA year ever, not as painful as a few years back, but just super DRAMA. And the drama happened not only to me, but to people around me.

I tried a lot of new stuff that stuck to me, like MTB-ing, and made a bunch of new crazy frens along the way. I restarted some stuff that I left cos of time constraints, like kayaking and climbing. I learnt about how much life is reliant on having good frens when I'm staying on my own, like when I had my pneumonia. I learned that being there for a friend and having his/her back is something that is not easy to be done, but is one of the best things to do. I learned that things do not last forever, no matter how perfect it looked from the outside. I know that I can finish everything I put my mind to... if I can put my mind to it. I learned to smile, even when things are getting harder and harder, cos smiling makes it easier to get through it. But the best of all, is I learned more about myself, and how I think people should accept me as who I am. I don't think I can ever leave the outdoors for now, and that's fine with me :). Oh... and that life moves on... one setback only means that - one setback. It does not set me back for life if I don't let it.

A short snippet:
  • Night MTB!!
  • Got my 1Star & 2Star kayaking cert...
  • Roll in a kayak!!
  • Severe pneumonia & got warded!!
  • Had a Minor Operation
  • Climbed at Dairy Farm, Batu Caves and Tambun
  • DWS and Lead Climbing
  • Moved to a new place
  • Visited Hanoi & HaLong Bay
  • Visited Siem Reap
  • Mountain Biking and built my first racing bike
  • Found 2 someones .. & gave it up.. hehe :)
  • Volunteered at races (bike escort & medic)
  • Play FFXIII
  • Three Adventure Races
  • Shot from a AK-47
I wonder what will happen next year... hmm

Trudge on..

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