Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One of the stranger rides...

Trails are strange at night, but even stranger after the rain... at night. This week's night's trail ride had some highlights, and in the words of Kiara Boy - "Sprinting centipedes, worm leech, baby owl, tonnes of frogs, wild boar scent, lights cutting out for no reason. Freak falls. Spoooky night indeed."
AND I swear, my night lights really have something against me.. freeeeaky...

Short notes of the ride:
1) On the way to BoulderCity, the wrap that was holding my light batteries flew off into the trail. My battery was just suspended in mid-air with only the wire attachment connected to it. Hence, I had to navigate about 10 minutes of trail ride with the right hand holding the battery to the handle bar. Short to say, took all the wrong lines (hard to control la, with only half of a handle bar to hold on to) and had an interesting bumpy ride.

2)BF was super slippery. Kiara boy slipped a few parts... I just slipped everywhere!! Had a hard time navigating the roots as my rear just kept giving way all the time. Was happy though, cleared Big Logs number 2 (the rest.. too slippery). I loved this ride though, with the technical parts turned up a notch or 2 cause of the loss of traction everywhere.

3) Kiara Bay noticed a fast centipede- ish insect, and the CUTEST baby owl ever!! Other than that, the frogs were out in 3/4 of their full force, and there were wild boars rustling around. The monkeys were noisy (well, I think they were monkeys.. I'm scaring myself now) and.. yeah.. while washing the bikes, Kiara boy had this

on his bike frame. What in the world is this??!! (Pic courtesy of KB's iPhone - it's never to late to join the dark side)

4) My handle bar bike lights suddenly went off again, while I was going downhill (lucky not technical). So, depended on Kiara Boy's lights behind me to navigate. I swear again, repeatedly, those lights really have something against me. It's like it has a life on its own...

5) I endo-ed at a place I don't normally crash.. hmm.. It was a bumpy downslope, I was getting my weight back, and my feet came off the pedals. My bum almost hit the rear wheel, so I pulled forward and put my weight forward. Right at that moment, my front wheel went down and I think I lost too much control and flipped forward. Did a 180 deg flip upside down and was stopped by the tree on the side and I fell to the ground.. No abrasions, cuts but just had bruises. Hmm.. and I just endo-ed last week too at KR.

After the ride, had ice lemon tea, while recollecting the things that happened. It was just a strange nite indeed. Oh well, good things came out of it though:

1)I learnt the new uses of my soft bristle brush - to brush my bag, gloves, shin guards, pants helmet, and almost everything else, including my sink. I stopped at having a go at the toilet bowl, though. Yeah, so it's still clean for other bikers to use as well.

2) I tend to oversteer alot... so mebbe a shorter handle bar would be perfect for me.

3) Next week :) ... SPD's or CBs? hmm...

Trudge on!!!

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