Monday, January 28, 2008

Time flies..

Phew... its gonna be Chinese New Year already... that was fast, really really fast... In a blink of an eye, we moved from xmas, to New Year (english one) then Chinese New Year... I'm not too sure if the Indians celebrated theirs in the midst of all this, but in the less than 3 months since Jan 1st, more than half of the population of the world would have celebrated their New Year's, including the Muslim population with their Awal Muharram. Interesting thought, huh? heheh...before I start shooting off the wrong path, this entry will NOT be about New Year's Resolutions.... tried that trick for many years now, and the only thing I have to show for it was that I HAD a resolution . :).. no no no no no , this entry will be about how fast time fly, and really, how much I can actually crap before finally reaching my point..

Ever notice how you get from point A to point C without passing over point B... hey, some even bypass everything and hit point H, L, Z even before it hits them in their face. Really, this happened to me last week.. Started out with a quiet Monday after the Sunday's race.. Okay.. make new training programme to include more swimming this time (thanks Chai for the swimming tips). Reached home the usual time around 6pm, and started off swimming.. then went for a short run... Came back, chatted online, sleep... - Chcked... Monday over... then Tuesday... repeated what I did on Monday, but started earlier at 6am cos of the lecture at 7.30 am at SSC... chcked - Tuesday over... Wed??? Busy preparing for my presentation on Friday... then ran at night... Wed- over.... darn... so fast and half the week has disappeared... next Thursday - swam at night, reread through presentation... Thurs - over again... Finally Friday - did THE presentation... :)... not too shabby...TGIF TGIF running through my head... phew...can rest in the weekend..Sat - ran and blade in ECP - got sunburnt.. then shopping with Jerry in the evening , bye bye Sat... and finally Sun - slept in and watched DGrayMan - nice anime, btw,... and ran at night... ta da... one week over... whoa... what just happened??!! My life in a nutshell!!? Am I doomed to relive this over and over again??... hahahaha.... it really just hit me how fast time is flying.... this and the fact that my gym trainer, Edmund, reminded me that to finish the Ultramarathon in May, I'll prob need to to run a 42-50km long trail at least once a week... but still...

Imagine you have only one day to live (sounds cliche, ya) and in that one day, you get to do anything you want to do.... what will it be? I realised that if that were to ever happen, I wanna spend my time with the people I love... be it my family, my friends, or whoever it is that has even the slightest impact in my life...and you know what... in that one week in my life...probably only 10-20% was spent doing what I just said (mainly cos family all in Ipoh for now). I need a change, and I'll start with the upcoming CNY... time to head home after many years of abscence... :) .. so I hope to see all the Ipoh-ans when I'm back there.... except mebbe Ivy, which I'll probably see again soon, knowing how much I love KL as well... so to all out there, sometimes life throw us non-stop oppurtunities, sometimes it just gives up heaps of trouble... take a look back in that one week that just passed... and ask yourself.. if I have only one day to live, what will I do?.. you'll realise what matters most to you... and sometimes, hitting each and every point in your life is a good thing, although it just takes a longer time to reach there...

so trudge on, my friends..

haha....just realised this is another crap blog insert of mine... :P

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Chris Thoo said...

YEsssss...chinese new year..
come back faster and lets have another gathering, shall we?

I'm adding your link into my pathetic blog now..:P


Chris Thoo