Monday, December 8, 2008

Mixed feelings... and intuition.. and all...

The past two weeks was weird.. weird in the sense that to me... somehow or rather, things connect, and in the whole universe, all our fates are tied in together in some way or another. I trust my intuition.. and from other recent experiences, I believe that my ancestors have always been looking out for me from high above. Now, I'm a free thinker, but I still believe in God and that we must always respect the things we don't understand.

It all started out about 10 days ago, when I was suppose to fly in to Bangkok/Udon Thani for skydiving, then back to Ipoh for a while, before coming back to Singapore for the marathon. Thoughts of skipping the marathon did crossed my mind back then, in case I was too tired from the skydives.

Okaaay, was all ready and prepped up to go... when.. the most unimaginable thing happened.. the Thai protestors took over and closed down the Suvarnabhumi International Airport on Tuesday... Was suppose to fly to Bangkok on Fri, so... I held my fingers crossed and still kept my hopes high... until Thursday... no improvement of the situation.. sigh.. so finally on Friday, we (my instructor and I) decided to postpone to January. To me, it was a big loss.. but something was tingling inside my head.. could this be a kind of divine intervention? So far, things in my life has happened to prevent me from disasters, hence I've always come out safe and sound, even from all the extreme stuff I do (ask my mum, she agrees and also trust my instincts ever since the almost accident near Sitiawan a few years back)

Okay.. so skydive stop Ipoh. Had a wonderful and relaxing time at home.. but had right knee abrasion so put off running the whole week at home to let it heal. Then it was time to decide when to go back to SG. Now, usually I travel a day earlier back to SG so that I can rest before starting work... which would put me on Saturday night bus. But as I had a marathon to run which I was now adamant to go for on Sunday, I opted for the Thursday night bus to arrive on Friday morning instead. Here's the scary and shocking bit: as many of you would already know... the Saturday night bus skidded off the road, and crashed causing 10 deaths.. this was the bus from the same company, same timing, that I would've taken if it weren't for the marathon.. Most of you would think then that I would've actually taken the Sunday night bus cos Monday was a holiday.. but..I frankly did not know Monday was a holiday in SG.

Apparently, one of the passengers who passed away was a good friend of my colleague.. and I was then doubly shocked. Was terribly sad that we lost a young brother in arms in medicine, but was even more shocked than sad. Till now, that sensation has not left me... cos sometimes, I feel that maybe, it was suppose to be me in that bus if the events did not play out so smoothly. ...hmm.. was it really suppose to be me?.. will me life be like in the Final Destination movies from now on... I shudder to think...

Well... this incident reinforces my thoughts on life, and that we should all live today for today... its all we will ever have... so we should not be greedier that this.

So, to all my friends, family, acquaintances, .. to everyone out there who has touched my life... live on.. and trudge on..

RIP Dr David Ho... though I don't know you personally, from all my friends who talked about you, I will always wish that I had the chance to meet you.. :)

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