Friday, December 12, 2008


Part One:
Fleeting moments, but memories forever… that was running through my head while Joshua Radin’s Winter was playing in the background. I never notice how fast time flies, as my time was always filled amazing friends, my loving family, and wonderful experiences. I remember the exact same time, date, last year when I was surrounded with supportive friends and family, who held me up when I felt there was no tomorrow. The following months were rough as I slowly worked my way up to becoming who I was again. True, times were not always good… but it is through having bad times that we learn how lucky we are, how blessed we are, under His guidance that we all gain the strength to continue living, and for that I give thanks, for another great year He has given me and to all my friends and family who made me feel special all the time

Part Two:
I always ponder, what is the meaning to life?... Well, so far the best answer I could ever figure is that : life is what you make of it. To an artist, it is his art. To an athlete, it is to ever improve his performance. To a dedicated doctor, it is to save his patient’s life. To a mother, it is her child, and to the child… it is his/her parents. Not everyone has the same thing to live for, nor the same way they want to lead their lives. It is unique as their fingerprint, but that’s the miracle of God’s creation, (hehe… to Pris) and no one can ever take the place of another. That’s why everyone is special to me.. and that’s one reason buying presents can take me days.. months.. cos there’s one special present which can only be for each one person… that’s how special everyone is to me :)

Part Three:
Can’t think of what else to write, but things alw come in three… :P

So..trudge on… make a resolution to know that you are special… and keep it


fireflies said...

Yes, sometimes, it is good to pause and ponder on the whys and why nots in life. To search deeper into ourselves to find life's real meaning. Then you will discover that it is a journey in itself.

Do send my regards to your mum (my aunty Elizabeth, your dad and brother.

Merry X'mas & A Happy New Year

jonie said...

okies!!!.. hehe... dun think mummy knoes about this blog :)

yupyup..esp when its about yr end.. you alw wanna look back and see if the things you've done could be done differently