Sunday, December 21, 2008

Whitewater Kayaking Weekend....

Last weekend was another interesting weekend for me. It all started with Pris wanting a memorable birthday this year, so I suggested that we go rafting in Msia. Called up Safiq, but he said that they were full last weekend, so..hmm... oh well.. came up with another idea then, let's try whitewater kayaking.... heheh

Whitewater kayaking is similar to rafting, except that you're in a one man kayak built for river running. It's more challenging, as you're in charge of your kayak, and that it IS a small boat that can capsize much much easier than a raft. We kayak-ed at Sg Samak, Tnjong Malim, which was a small, relatively easy river with rapids up to level 1-2, good for beginners like us. I have only kayak-ed once before this... if I remember correctly.. so this is gonna be a really new thing for me.

We went up to KL on Saturday morning and arrived around 2 pm in the heart of KL city.. stopped by at Berjaya Times Sq, looked at the indoor roller coaster, deemed it shady, and left for Midvalley Megamall... hehe.. walked a bit here and there and basically tried omos all the body lotions in L'occitane and Body Shop, before heading off to my Unc's place for the night. The whole Midvalley was drowned in Christmas decors...

and I get to see my Bear Bears ... hehe :)

Unc and Aunt treated us to a nice dinner at the local Chinese rest.. (how I miss Msian food).. and after that, Pris, my cousin and I went walking arn Bangsar Village. Later, we turned in early cos we needed to get up early for kayaking the next day.

Woke up early at 7am, got myself ready, and went to have breakfast. Mmm... homemade kaya toast and eggs alw taste better.. Jaffry (the kayaking instructor) picked us at 830am from my unc's place, and off we went to Tanjung Malim. Jaffry was an experienced white water kayaker who now works in the uni's as a sports science instructor. I was amazed when he told me he kayak-ed at Sg Singoh before.... Singoh is like the ultimate whitewater exp in West Msia... with rapids up to level 5-6 ... man... I gotta go there one day.. SAFIQ!!! when are u guys going?

But anyways, we collected out kayaks, and were at Sg Samak at about 10am. We unloaded the kayaks and put on the "skirt" and life jacket. Jaffry gave a brief demo on what we shoud do when we capsize, and how to swim safely to the eddy's which were more of still water. The waters were FREEZING!!! hahah... but anyways, got into our kayak and we were lowered into the river.. yay!! time to start.

Okay... alw keep rowing to maintain balance, keep the raft straight at all time, towards downstream, watch out for boulders, slap the water when you're off balance... aaaarghhh!!!.. not easy.. hahah... but really.. its about getting the feel of the water and being "one' with the kayak.. haha.. still not easier said then done. The rowing itself was more of a sweeping motion and the kayak responds very readily to the body's balance, in that you can get out of sticky situations by rocking your body from side to side. Other than that is practice practice and practice to learn how to control the kayak to get it to go where you want it to go.
The first few rapids were ok, and fun...but I tend to get stuck in the low water level parts, which required me to manually push myself up from the rock... tiring.. but after a while, got used to it, and was enjoying riding the rapids, though they were small rapids. Pris capsized a few times, but managed to get out of the kayak safely... hehe... but she still power-ed on... go gurl!!

It was fun going down the rapids, but really can feel the rapids as the hit the kayak. It was really more sensitive than the raft, as can really feel even the lightest of rapids hitting the stern of the kayak. We rested a lot, girls ma... no arm strength wan.. and had water and light snacks (me eating most of it). Finally, about 2 hours later, we reached our take out point. I asked Jaffry to teach me rolls... and he did!!.. managed to do assisted rolls, but long shaft rolls were.. still... impossible for me.. tried tried tried , but can't get it right. darn... phew.. hahah.. even practiced on the sand.. rock rock rock my hips.. but.. sigh... cant get it right in the waters.. mebbe next time. After that, a short dip in the waters, and done... poof... we were arm's dead..

Hahaha.. ok.. loaded the kayak onto the car, and went back to the Uni, for a quick shower. After that, we went to Yik Mun rest, to eat their famous Tanjong Malim pau.. and finally back to KL.

I was zzzz-ing throughout the journey and Pris was sooo nice to lend me her shoulder... Note to self.. if I ever get a BF, need to find someone with the correct height to sleep on.. hehe...

But anyways, arrived back in KL arn 4 pm at Midvalley again ( I love that place) and we managed to catch Ip Man ( it's Yiiiiiip Maaaan, no Ip Man) - gooood show... might review it later... and finally, a dinner at the Food Junction in Midvalley. I had the Sizzling Hot Plate Noodles... not that very very nice.. and after went to KL sentral to take the express train to KLIA. Finally, flight back to SG was short but fairly comfortable.. with me still zzzz-ing all the time.. and zzzz again at home... hahah the forever zzz-ing jonie.

Well, that was another short but exciting weekend for me... missing the rapids now... and my newfound sport, kayaking. Considering taking up the basic course now, cos it was really cool... heheh

okies.. need to sign off now for lunch... ciao, and trudge on...


Priscilla Phileon said...

Hey... I didn't know the WW rafting and kayaking were organised with my bday in sweet... and ya kept so silent about it.

Aw... feel so loved. Really appreciate it!

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