Thursday, December 11, 2008

Standard Chartered Marathon 2008!!

Alright, short notes on running a marathon:

1. Arrive early.. the gun is not going to wait for you.
2. Always wear a different color shirt from everyone else.. and not wear the race shirt.. easier to spot in photos.
3. Don't bother to lose weight while running ie take as many power gels as needed cos u need it for energy and to avoid cramps
4. Don't stop and drink at each water station.. you'll probably over hydrate. If need to stop, just take sips.
5. Have fun.. achieveing your goals doesn't mean you can't have fun... plus it keeps your mind away from thinking about the pain.

At KM 42.5 in the race

Well, the race this year was blessed with fantastic weather, and the new route was quite OK, but I wasn't excited about the longer ECP stretch.. I don't like running in ECP. The last 3 km was horrendous though, as there was a bottleneck of all the runners from all the categories heading towards the finishing line. A few of my serious runner friends disliked this as it prevents them from achieveing their PB in this race. Hope the organisers will take note in the next race.

Ok Bragging time :: skip this part as it's just me wanting to brag
Did a slow run this time, as I did not want to push myself with 2 injured knees and I still need to train the next day for the upcoming Ironman in 2009. Brought a camera and took some fantastic shots.. (esp the ferarris at Marina)

and had the most relaxing marathon ever... :). Finishing time in 4hrs37mins.. but managed to catch up with some friends during the run...
The run was all in all a good run with totally flat routes and fantastix runspirators along the way. (Thanks guys!!) Will prob skip next yr's race as I want to try other overseas race ie BKK marathon which is about 2 weeks before this one, so I'll prob be pom-pom-ing the runners next year!!

So... till then, trudge on and run hard!!!

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