Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kuantan.. the slack holiday..

About a month ago, I went to Kuantan.. mainly to learn kiteboarding... but I learned to slack like a beach bum instead.. and damn, it's too darn addictive. I haven't been to Kuantan in years as I only have not too fond memories of that place.. (my childhood was spent DIY-ing -painting, repairing, building walls, cementing floors- and in Kuantan, my dad had a house to DIY all the time) ...

I was mainly at Pantai Balok, the place all kiteboarders go, and it was great. Very little wind, but learned a bit on controlling the kite (although it looked more like a mini-parachute). Most days were spent looking at the beach with a beer in hand. Sometimes, there'd be other stuff like wakeboarding to fill the time... or just hanging around Kuantan including Telok Cempedak... I'll definitely return to kiteboard during the monsoon again.. which will prob be in January 2010.. Hope I can catch some wind then...

Till then, just enjoy the photos ..

Firefly flight SIN-Kuantan.. hope it stays.. but it's bloody ex

Yup.. the only budget with food so far.

The Beach.. and a kite

Bear bear looking at the beach..

Wolfgang holding bear bear

Me waiting to kite

Nearby island of rocks... I wakeboard all the way here

On the boardwalk at Telok Cempedak

MTB tracks at Telok Cempedak

What we did at night....

Trudge on....


Bea said...

one question......whose bear bear is that??? how'd it get to kuantan? LOL

jonie said...

hehe.. mine... it "flew" there on api-api