Saturday, October 10, 2009

Next up.... TNF100

Realised I haven't updated my blog with activities lately... so here's the next race up for me.. 
THE NORTH FACE 100!!.. bwahhaha... 

TNF100 (fer short) is the ultimate trail race in Singapore so far consisting of the duo and solo categories. I don't qualify for the solo category, so I'm doing 50km of trails with BK (my ever trusted running partner) in hopefully 8 hrs.. haha..

It'll be my second trail race after the MR25 MacRitchie's marathon in which I pancit-ed due to lack of training. And this one is in another 2 weeks time.. and as usual... haven't really been training due to
1. Lazy
2. Busy with work and studies
3. Lazy

But, as always... I keep reminding myself, nutting gained if I dun even wanna try.. went to collect the race pack today.. and whoa.. very simple race pack...

The race T shirt.. I prefer cotton T's to sleep in

I like this Race rubber band with my name on it

The Racing Stuff.. and a nice bottle

OK.. so more training and very little tapering for me for the race.. It's on the 24th of Oct... so wish me luck... Gonna be one hell of a fun torturous time... 



Ivy said...

wah, u put up your race no.

Let me by 4-D now.

jonie said...

if u strike.... remem me horr... i wan audi TT