Sunday, October 25, 2009

My first time hosting... STEAMBOAT!!

The last weekend was great.. fun.. and phew.. BOOMZ!! First was the TNF100 on Saturday.. and yesterday.. well.. I hosted my first Steamboat in my place!!! haha.. proud achievement cos I rarely host ppl in my place and I had fun doing it. Here's the lowdown :

Date: 25.10.09
Venue: jonie's Home in HV, SG
VIP: Callie Liew
Guests: Priscilla, Nick, Timmy, Diana, Gucci aka ST

Food: Chicken, Mince pork, Meatballs, Fishballs, Veggies, Mushroom, Prawns, Corn, Yong tau fu
Soup base: Ikan bilis, Corn, Chinese Cabbage

Pris came early to help prepare the stuff. Did the groceries, marination and stuffed them all in the fridge.

Adjourned after that for a short afternoon nap (it's Sunday, after all) while I continued on with "Long Way Round".

Finally, the time has come... First, the guys, Nick and Timmy came, followed by Diana and Gucci. Too hungry already, we went ahead and started the cooking and eating.. then, finally, the VIP arrives.. Hooray!! and so we can start "officially" steamboat dinner (though half the food was gone already by then...)

After food, we had dessert, pears and chocs that Timmy brought over and gathered around to watch some viral Youtube vids (ie, Ris Low, PCK as Ris Low, Kumar.. etc)

.. before heading over to Coffee Club for more desserts.. hehe.. we ordered in total 6 servings.. one of them being the ever delicious Muddy Mud Pie.. yummers...

Finishing up da foodzzz...

Dispersed close to 11 pm, still got to work tomorrow mah... and met YZ on the way back.

Someone trying to do "biz" here

Had a good discussion with YZ about the upcoming residency thingy in Singapore.. and after sending him off.. went to upload pics and zzz ...

Hahaha... had a terrific weekend indeed. Thanks goes out to all who made it happen, and to those who ate all the food, and to Timmy who paid for Coffee Club.. hehe.... ;)

Trudge on....

PS: I just realised we forgot to take out the prawns.. and I'm ALLERGIC to prawns.. so now I have close to 1kg of inedible (to me) prawns in my freezers... 0_O...

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